“What’s that Type of Learning Look Like?”

Goal of School District: to create “Self-directed learners who accept responsibility for their own physical, social, emotional, and mental well-being, make decisions independently, develop life skills, adapt to an ever-changing world, and are accountable for their actions.”…..Oh…hey…yeah…. that’s right! How do school districts trying to steer themselves toward this path stray from this goal? So, so excited and grateful to see educators in our school district climbing towards true engagement and empowerment to get at the heart of education: “…to prepare students to live productive, engaged, and satisfying lives”.

Only Connect

Like many other teachers, I use my summer to reset, refresh, and recharge for the coming year.  For me, that means I finally get the time to engage with the words and the voices of people who are interested in shifting the way we–I hate this term–“do school.”  However, for the past three years (more or less ever since I moved from 21 years as a middle-school teacher to my current high-school position) my head has been swimming in the voices and words of these people.  You see, I’ve not been able to smoothly negotiate the tremendous chasm between the culture of learning in a middle school and the culture of learning at a high school.

And the differences are as vast as I suggest.  The pressure for grades, the pressure for academic standing, the pressure for students’ and teachers’ time, the pressure for (insert your own observation here

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(Un)healthy Productivity Tips and Following Your Curiosity

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Testing the Prototype!!!!

The 29th to the 2nd was the final week of career study. It was also the week that I was finally able to test our prototype!!!!! Arriving at this step in the design process was a little surreal after this school year long curiosity journey. I tested the Curiosity Box prototype with four 7th grade … Continue reading Testing the Prototype!!!!

Reflecting on a Crucial Part of Growth: Failure

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Reflecting on Brilliant Teachers and Students

When I reflect on my experiences in school in both high school and middle school, I am inexpressibly grateful to all of my teachers. Working with teachers at the middle school has caused me to remember why middle school was the place I first felt empowered, as if the whole universe was at my finger … Continue reading Reflecting on Brilliant Teachers and Students