Student Interview #4

  • Why enjoys school – likes people, learning new things
  • Favorite part of day – math class, fun (should have asked more about this)
  • Least favorite part – morning (maybe should have asked more about this too)
  • The way classes are taught affects experience of subject (seems like year to year – but also long term may turn someone away from subject)  
  • Loves Spanish teacher
    • Feels like someone she can talk to, ask questions
    • Enjoys teaching style
    • Feels comfortable with her
    • Very relatable but also strict at same time (displays humanity, on the same level as students but also organized and knows what she wants to do in class in terms of lessons and is an older figure to turn to for help and understanding)
  • First day school this year – little nervous finding classes
  • Over the years has become more social, free spirited since beginning of high school
  • In beginning of high school she was not excited. Now at end of high school she is happy and sad – nostalgic
  • This year is a good year
  • Feels differently throughout day depending on class – stressed, tired, happy
  • Feel good when school day is over
  • Most engaged in school: when presenting a presentation, working in groups, when forced to work with other people she does not know very well
  • Most curious: in classes that spark interest, such as anatomy – wants to learn more
    • (Should have asked more often if teacher ever has role in sparking curiosity)
  • When she experiences wonder: Just thinking about things – “I think about a lot of things”
  • Responsibilities as student: accomplishing work on time, achieving goals
  • Daily activities of being a student definitely impedes on learning experience
    • Perhaps not having enough time to wonder, be curious – just focusing on completing assignments
    • Instead of having time to make assignments one’s own and be creative and curious, just focusing on keeping up with all assignments
    • Assignments can also be tedious and not very intriguing
  • Thinks there is a difference between being a good student and good learner
    • thinks being a good student is more about completing assignments on time
    • Being a good learner is more about “taking things in”
  • Depending on situation, thinks being a good student and a good learner could connect
    • circumstantial
  • End goal of all this education: graduate, get diploma, go to college, “life stuff”
  • Responsibilities as learner: learning something new everyday, taking something one didn’t know and applying it to regular life
  • Was there any time she didn’t think she had any interest in a certain topic, but later found a spark in that topic, becoming enraptured with it/seeing it differently?: In 9th grade english, felt teacher didn’t like her and so was not wild about class/subject. As year continued she bonded with the teacher, and enjoyed the class much more and got more out of it – “gotta give it time”
  • Thinks relationships with teachers are very important
    • Help one learn better
    • When one is closer with teachers, one feels like he/she can ask questions, ask for help.

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