Student Interview #5


  • Tell me about experiences in school as student . Do you like school?Likes school – likes getting to see friends and most of the stuff she is learning is “pretty cool”
  • Favorite part of day: orchestra class or music theory – when she is in music department – lots of fun. Also thinks science is pretty cool – “It’s enjoyable”
  • Why do you think some of these classes are your favorite?: “I just want to learn more about the subjects. They’re really interesting to me. I like them enough that I want to go into a field that involves them.”
  • Any favorite teachers?: “I don’t know, I like a lot of my teachers, it’s too hard to pick, honestly.” – likes teachers that are energetic and enthusiastic
  • What makes you like your teachers?: When they are
    • Happy
    • Talkative
    • enjoy speaking about things other than the subject they are supposed to teach
    • When they can be a friend in addition to being a teacher
  • First day of high school: different
  • First day of school this year (junior year): knew what was coming, there are a lot of first days in high school career – however, still nerve wracking. Didn’t know what teachers or classes were going to be like, but it turned out to be okay, was enjoyable
  • Teachers were a lot friendlier than she thought they would be. Everyone always tells you junior and senior year are going to be hard, focused on getting ready for college, but didn’t seem as stressful as she thought it would be
  • How do you feel throughout your day?: generally pretty happy – nothing that really upsets her that is school related. Sometimes people can be a little annoying but she can get over that pretty quick. Classes are not stressful.
  • How do you feel when you go home at the end of the day?: Kind of how the day goes – if it’s a chill day, feels relaxed, but if there are a couple tests it might be a little bit stressful if I don’t know how I did, or if it was nerve wracking.
  • Throughout your experience in school, maybe particularly high school, do you think that you have changed as a learner at all?: I’m not sure. I find I do well with patterns and associating words with visuals – all of that fun, artsy stuff is pretty easy to me. I used to be one of those notetakers who would have to be super organized. Now I generally make it pretty messy and highlight the key parts
  • When do you feel most engaged?: If there is a lot of hands on stuff for interesting things you don’t see everyday – that’s pretty hard to not pay attention to. If there is a demonstration in science or a video in a global or english class – that’s pretty interesting
  • When do you feel least engaged?: Probably if it’s a lecture and they keep going on and on about the same thing for hours on end, then i’ll start to trail off and start to make something with origami.
  • Is there a difference between being a student and a learner?: A learner is someone who is more attracted to the idea of learning, whereas a student is only interested in learning to be successful in life. I feel like you become a learner after you get out of school.
  • Which do you think is encouraged more at school?: I feel like I see a lot of students, but school encourages us to be learners too.
  • Do you think that qualities of being a student could be applicable outside of the classroom?: It depends. If one is in class with more lectures and note taking than hands on activities it’s good to have the skills to be able to pay attention to listen and write down information – or if you are getting in a job and are in a meeting – you could use these skills and they would be beneficial to you
  • What are your responsibilities as a student in school?: To get all of my work done, keep my grades up. To try my hardest in general.
  • What are your responsibilities as a learner?: I feel like it’s about not so much how I did on a test, but what I find interesting and what I remember without having to memorize it
  • What is the ultimate goal of your education?: In global we were taught that if you educate people society can be better and more advanced, just like here I guess. Education has further developed the country. I guess that’s part of it but I also think that students should at least be able to know things
  • Where do you feel most curious?: I want to know more about space. It’s really big and we have no idea what’s out there. That’s really interesting. And kind of sciencey.
  • Do you get to explore or pursue that at all in school or on your own?: Sometimes. I have this app that’ll tell me when the international space station is flying over, and the stargazing conditions, or where the constellations and satellites are. So when it’s a nice night outside and if it’s warm I’ll go outside and look at some of that stuff… I don’t get much opportunity.

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