Student Interview #6

Can you tell me about your experiences in school as a student?

  • Transferred here last year.
  • Can be overwhelming socially, transitioning.
  • First school was smaller, this school is like a campus.


Favorite part of day?

  • After first 3 periods.
    • More relaxing, better experience.
    • Teachers he feels he can talk to more.


Least favorite part?

  • Mornings, but that’s kind of universal.


Are classes different between the two schools?

  • Didn’t have same opportunities – many more social studies and science classes.


Classroom experiences between schools different?

  • Not that different. Both, listen to lectures. Some classes are more interesting, especially when teachers tell stories about their own experiences.


Favorite class?

  • Maybe three. Government – socialize a lot. Discuss government today.


Favorite teacher?

Mrs. H – she’s the nicest teacher ever.

Mr. L – he’s full of energy. Ms. G as well.


How do you feel throughout your day?

  • Get to learn new things in life, not just school related things. Can tell your family at the dinner table about it, your favorite things and experiences.


How do you feel when your day is over?

  • It’s just another day – routine.
  • Sometimes feel there’s opportunities where I can socialize with teachers. Sometimes I stay after school and do that. It’s is a relief to get closer with teachers. They’re peers of mine. I feel happy after that.


When do you feel most engaged?

  • English, enjoy learning about satire.
  • Government – learning about current government and politics. It’s an eye popping experience to learn facts and history about current events and connect them to history.


When do you feel least engaged?

  • Don’t get me wrong, everyone hates mornings. But sometimes in the morning, I’ll get a little off track. Especially if I’m on the computer. But in 5 or 10 minutes, I’m back to work.


Can you tell me when you feel most curious?

  • I’m curious when I’m learning about the environment of the school. Being my second year here, I’m still learning about that experience. Like, where do other students go outside of school?


Do you prefer your experience here to the school you moved from, or are there good and bad experiences for both?

  • I do like this school a lot more, but there are good and bad experiences for both.


Do you think there’s a difference between being a good student and a good learner?

  • Yeah, there is a difference. Being a good student, you pay more attention. And, you follow the protocol for each classroom. A good learner is when you’re learning more things that you never thought of or never even heard of. You take more time on that and in your personal time.


What do you think your responsibilities are as a good student?

  • As a good student, always pay attention, always follow what the instructions say. Have good academics. Nothing bad. Put your right foot forward.


What do you think your responsibilities are as a good learner?

  • As a good learner, copy notes, always study. Even as a good learner, you develop more capabilities with studying and learning.


What do you think the ultimate goal of you education is?

  • Having responsibility to put your right foot down and work as hard as you can, as possible. To put your best effort towards your education.

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