Student Interview #7

Can you tell me about your experiences in school as a student?

  • School’s fun.
  • It’s our job.
  • Learn to be productive member of society.


Favorite part of school day?

  • Science or Social Studies.
    • Always interested in history. Can grasp easily. Easy to connect with peers. Teacher is fun.
  • When I get to interact and connect with others.


Least favorite part of your day?

  • Not really.


Favorite teachers?

  • Mr. P, really fun class. Super funny. Constant notes. Forms bond with students as he’s teaching. Talks with class.


  • I moved here from California. Different order of classes. Junior now, but taking American history.


Anything that’s really different here that surprised you?

  • Two different worlds. In California, school was like an open campus because we were in middle of downtown Berkley. Campus was two blocks wide, like a college campus. This is just one building. Here, lunch is split up. In California, everyone has lunch at same time. 3,000 students go off to lunch. Very fun.


Preference for one school over another since you have experience in both?

  • Probably california. Bigger, had more freedom. Might change, have spent less time here.


Can you tell me about your first day of school here?

  • To me, much like every school. Try not to draw attention to myself, see what everything is like. Not remarkable. Felt nervous, new people and new place.


Structure of classes or schedule different betweens each school?

  • Yeah, in California, 6 periods, each 58 minutes long. Except on Mondays when we started school at ten and classes were 43 minutes long.


Tell me about what that was like?

  • I got to sleep in! It was wonderful! I woke up at 8, had two hours to relax, then biked to school slower. Very nice, felt more well rested and generally better.


Difference in culture?

  • Yeah. California, more chill. Way more liberal. Berely is a little liberal bubble. Way more diversity. Here, generally more white. In California, it was 50 percent white and then 50 percent every other race. A lot of African American and Hispanic students.


Do you feel like you’ve evolved as a learner?

  • Definitely. In the beginning, I was clueless. What should I do. In the end I figured out what was similar between all schools and how it works. It’s helped me go in seamlessly to a lot of schools.


Been in other schools besides California?

  • Many schools. Born in California, moved to Montana, Ohio, Washington, California, then here. Each time, different school.


How are schools different?

  • Where schools are situated plays a large role. Here, we’re more suburban. So we have a lot more wealthy, white people. In more urban area, more diversity. The way people are is different. People have their only little nuances and slang.


Favorite school?

  • California. Berkeley high. First high school. More freedom in highschool and then on top of that you’re put in this big high school, this big campus. Super fun.  


Least favorite school?

  • Middle school in california near Vista. Not fun, just moved there from Washington. Washington to California was a very big culture shock for me. I was confused, wondering what was happening.


Tell me about how you feel throughout your day?

  • Usually in morning, tired. Getting into motions of school day. Throughout day, progressively I get generally happier. I’m here, I find everything amusing.


How do you feel when your day is over?

  • Feel more baseline. I’m just there more. Baseline. Hard to put into words. Tired, put in work to learn. Happy my job is done. Excited to go home and be with my family. That kind of stuff. Wind down, ready to go to bed and start the day again.


When do you feel most engaged?

  • Usually when taking notes. In the now, can’t go back over it. If not engaged, will lose the information.


Least engaged?

  • When nothing to do. End of class, waiting for bell to ring.


When do you feel most curious?

  • Learning about something that is new but I have a little bit of a background in or information about, but not a whole lot. Want to figure out so i can understand it.


Difference between being a good student and good learner?

  • Yeah. Good learner, can understand anything in front of you anywhere. Good student, can only understand what is put in front of you by school. If good learner but don’t understand school, doesn’t mean you’re not smart or good at learning things, just not best academically; reading writing. Doesn’t mean you can’t learn real world things.


What do you feel are your responsibilities as a good student?

  • Learn, get good grades. Go on, graduate. Not be a lot of trouble. Teachers here have there own life and issues. If students are going around and screwing with them, it doesn’t make it better for them.


What do you feel your responsibilities are as a good learner?

  • To learn what I’m interested in, sometimes even what I’m not interested in if it’s going to help me or others. To understand the world around me, to make it work.


What do you think the ultimate goal of your education is?

  • To become a productive member of society. To also have a more fulfilled life. What I’ve found if i don’t know something, I want to learn it because it diminishes my experience. If i can learn something and then participate, it makes it much more gratifying, enjoyable.

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