A Sudden Case of Teacher Amnesia

While being on career study, I’ve had the strange experience of forgetting what it is like to be a student when I am in the midst of being in a classroom setting. This is baffling considering I have spent most of my life as a student in school and have spent most of this past school year talking with teachers and students about their experiences in school. How can simply being in school as a teacher induce this sudden and rapid case of amnesia?

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Signs that may indicate a case of teacher amnesia:

  • Fear that you are not doing things “right”
  • Feelings of slight dread when students are not always “on task”
  • Completing a packet feels like the most important goal in life in that 45 minute period
  • “Is this what other teachers are doing?”


These feelings have made me not only slightly become the teacher I would never want to be, but also has made me feel inhuman and not myself. It’s uncomfortable and strange, like a monster has emerged from my best intentions.

Talking with Mr. Heidt, reading the blogs and books we’ve read this year, looking back at the interviews we’ve done, and keeping our character statements in mind, I’m reminded to be myself, remember that I’m still a learner despite being in a teacher role, and to remember all of my own experiences as a student.

I’m excited to brush off this case of teacher amnesia and see how learners will react to our prototype this week.


3 thoughts on “A Sudden Case of Teacher Amnesia

  1. Jesus, Mary and Joseph! That teacher amnesia thing…I rarely felt that way in middle school, but once I moved to high school, it was like “Wham!” I hate it. At least now I know what it is so I can combat it. I love that I’m learning so much from the learning you’re doing, too!


  2. (Oh…you may want to reference/cite where you found that teacher amnesia information, or, if you came up with it yourself, you should patent/copyright/register it!


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