Reflecting on Brilliant Teachers and Students

When I reflect on my experiences in school in both high school and middle school, I am inexpressibly grateful to all of my teachers. Working with teachers at the middle school has caused me to remember why middle school was the place I first felt empowered, as if the whole universe was at my finger tips, waiting for me to jump in. And if I failed, I could simply use what I learned, learn from my mistakes, and try again.

What often causes me to remember why I remember middle school so fondly are the brilliant activities I see teachers do with their students. In one of the English classes I’m career studying in, the students have been working in reading groups. These reading groups recently took a couple of days to reflect on their journey as a group together. To reflect, they created posters where they reflected on their time in their reading groups as a metaphorical journey.  They  used metaphors to neatly package up their feelings on how they solved problems, their difficulties, and their individual characteristics within the group. This allowed students to not only think about how they solved problems, worked together, and how they learned from their  experiences, but also allowed them to express themselves creatively.

The following are some of the brilliant posters students made:




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