A Curious Reminder From A Curious Box

In my previous post, I talked about trying out storytelling with students. The next day I was going to try to do something a little more creative but the teacher I was career studying with that day wanted to take over that lesson plan.
In trying to come up with lessons with the curiosity box sometimes I became a little confused with what we were actually designing. It made sense when I thought of designing something that would be very personal and only used by us, but it didn’t make quite as much sense if I thought about making something that would be used by other people. It seemed like they could just get their own cardboard box and then they would have a curiosity box too.
Maybe if we are designing for other teachers and students, and if this box is going to try to encourage curiosity through storytelling and finding connections, maybe it could be a combination between a little book and a kit. Maybe the box would come with a mysterious, curious way to have a little bit of instructions on how to use it and why. Maybe it would have some set curious things in it, but then it would also encourage a person to fill the box with their own things to have a little bit more control over a particular lesson
plan if they want.
It became a bit easier to be more creative with ideas for lesson plans as time went on and we got later into career study. Mr. Heidt was very helpful with ideas.

It is very strange to think that career study and the year is over. So many things happened. There were many times where I did not know what I was doing. However, I think it is good to not always know exactly what one is doing or to be completely comfortable. I am really grateful that I did something like this, because I do not think I have really taken a risk and done anything like this in a while, which was kind of a scary thought. I think sometimes it can be easy to think I was doing something or keeping the genius qualities in mind but maybe not always really exhibiting them.
This helped remind me.
I am excited to use what I learned and continue learning in the future!


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