(Un)healthy Productivity Tips and Following Your Curiosity

I recently saw this video by Hank Green of the popular video blog youtube channel Vlogbrothers: Some Unhealthy Productivity Tips (and some Healthy ones) In the video, Green shares tips on how he stays productive (some he considers healthy and some unhealthy). In the video, he says he’s been pondering a lot recently on “doing … Continue reading (Un)healthy Productivity Tips and Following Your Curiosity


Ira Socol, Reminders, and Risk Taking

Although I’ve tried to follow along with the twitter chats and the live streams for IMMOOC, I’ve found it a bit difficult to keep up with the blog prompts. Often, this arose from trying to make each blog post as polished as possible, but instead would result in blog posts never actually fully being finished … Continue reading Ira Socol, Reminders, and Risk Taking

Insights and Conversations with Anya

On Thursday we had the chance to Skype with Anya Smith. If you don't know Anya, you should take a look at our Voices page and head over to her blog at PinyaBananas.wordpress.com.  Sharing passions for design, education transformation, and theater, we feel like she’s a kindred spirit. Now a senior at Mount Vernon Presbyterian … Continue reading Insights and Conversations with Anya