Teacher Interview #5

Can you tell us about your experiences as a student? In retrospect, seems uneventful. At this point, don’t have any lasting memories. Things seem very similar. Buildings were similar. Didn’t have same kind of technology. Without it, it was a slower process. Way more labor intensive to write a paper for example. History has changed … Continue reading Teacher Interview #5


Teacher Interview #4

Can you tell us about why you wanted to become a teacher? Give back to society. Hopefully make a difference in improving things, educating people. Also had really good teachers, especially social studies teachers who were excited about what they were teaching. I value education, I think society should value education. I wanted to be … Continue reading Teacher Interview #4

Interview with a Teacher

The following is an interview we conducted with an art teacher at school. The first part of this post is notes from the interview. The second part is our thoughts and reflections on the interview. Tell me about your experiences in school as a student Good, enjoyed school Excelled in art and music, enjoyed English … Continue reading Interview with a Teacher

Being Human

Our first two interviews with teachers both shared common characteristics. What stood out most between the two interviews was the idea that it is important for teachers to be human. Both teachers said that their favorite teachers were people who they could talk with about their ideas, what aspects of what they were learning excited … Continue reading Being Human