Testing the Prototype!!!!

The 29th to the 2nd was the final week of career study. It was also the week that I was finally able to test our prototype!!!!! Arriving at this step in the design process was a little surreal after this school year long curiosity journey. I tested the Curiosity Box prototype with four 7th grade … Continue reading Testing the Prototype!!!!

Reflecting on a Crucial Part of Growth: Failure

I wrote the following blogpost right at the end of career study after proposing yet another lesson plan that was confusing and did not meet all of the objectives of what my career study teacher needed to be taught. As we are nearing the end of this school year and the formal “in school” end … Continue reading Reflecting on a Crucial Part of Growth: Failure

Advice from Doris

After beginning our ascent out of the Pits of Despair, I began to wander back through the “Curiosity in Education” journey so far. These wanderings are where I made the horrible discovery that we had our first meeting and discussion with Doris Wells-Papanek of The Design Learning Network three months ago yesterday. Over the summer, … Continue reading Advice from Doris

Ascension from the Pits of Despair

This independent study project is unlike anything that we have ever done before. The feelings swirling around inside us this past summer after we had our first meeting with Mr. Heidt about what this course could be about are best captured by the opening of the satirical musical interpretation of the Harry Potter series, “A … Continue reading Ascension from the Pits of Despair