(Un)healthy Productivity Tips and Following Your Curiosity

I recently saw this video by Hank Green of the popular video blog youtube channel Vlogbrothers: Some Unhealthy Productivity Tips (and some Healthy ones) In the video, Green shares tips on how he stays productive (some he considers healthy and some unhealthy). In the video, he says he’s been pondering a lot recently on “doing … Continue reading (Un)healthy Productivity Tips and Following Your Curiosity


Testing the Prototype!!!!

The 29th to the 2nd was the final week of career study. It was also the week that I was finally able to test our prototype!!!!! Arriving at this step in the design process was a little surreal after this school year long curiosity journey. I tested the Curiosity Box prototype with four 7th grade … Continue reading Testing the Prototype!!!!

Reflecting on a Crucial Part of Growth: Failure

I wrote the following blogpost right at the end of career study after proposing yet another lesson plan that was confusing and did not meet all of the objectives of what my career study teacher needed to be taught. As we are nearing the end of this school year and the formal “in school” end … Continue reading Reflecting on a Crucial Part of Growth: Failure

First Experiences on Career Study

At the end of the year during senior year of high school, our school does a program called Career Study. In the last three to four weeks of school, the Seniors will go on an internship, shadowing and working with someone in a field that interests them. In these past couple of days, we’ve had … Continue reading First Experiences on Career Study

Teacher Interview #5

Can you tell us about your experiences as a student? In retrospect, seems uneventful. At this point, don’t have any lasting memories. Things seem very similar. Buildings were similar. Didn’t have same kind of technology. Without it, it was a slower process. Way more labor intensive to write a paper for example. History has changed … Continue reading Teacher Interview #5

Teacher Interview #4

Can you tell us about why you wanted to become a teacher? Give back to society. Hopefully make a difference in improving things, educating people. Also had really good teachers, especially social studies teachers who were excited about what they were teaching. I value education, I think society should value education. I wanted to be … Continue reading Teacher Interview #4

Student Interview #7

Can you tell me about your experiences in school as a student? School’s fun. It’s our job. Learn to be productive member of society.   Favorite part of school day? Science or Social Studies. Always interested in history. Can grasp easily. Easy to connect with peers. Teacher is fun. When I get to interact and … Continue reading Student Interview #7