Testing the Prototype!!!!

The 29th to the 2nd was the final week of career study. It was also the week that I was finally able to test our prototype!!!!! Arriving at this step in the design process was a little surreal after this school year long curiosity journey. I tested the Curiosity Box prototype with four 7th grade … Continue reading Testing the Prototype!!!!


A Sudden Case of Teacher Amnesia

While being on career study, I’ve had the strange experience of forgetting what it is like to be a student when I am in the midst of being in a classroom setting. This is baffling considering I have spent most of my life as a student in school and have spent most of this past … Continue reading A Sudden Case of Teacher Amnesia

An Update on the Project – Finally

After having our schedule filled with school trips, college visits, and AP testing, we are finally back in class and are beginning get a better sense of what this prototype will look like. We’ve gathered so much information through teacher and student interviews so we have a pretty clear picture illustrated to us of what … Continue reading An Update on the Project – Finally