Anya Smith (PinyaBananas)

Anya Smith is an incredibly prolific blogger who writes about her journey as a learner through life. While incredibly passionate about many different areas (gymnastics, theatre, sustainability, and more), one of her greatest passions is design and education transformation.

In her own experience with design and education, Anya has created and taken her own AP English course, and has worked extensively in design and education (especially in a program called innovation diploma in which she describes members as being “…passionate about learning, not just school, but learning as a whole and we strive to complete big goals and learn about our passions even further.”

On her blog The Life of Pinya, Anya has documented her many projects, ideas, passions, struggles, and what she’s curious about. Being the same age as us, she inspires us to seize the day and to not fear failure because this is the only way personal growth can occur, how one can lead a fulfilling life, and how one can make a positive impact on the world.